Weekly Solar Image 5-28-12

Today we had some clear skies for a while and I decided to get out with the solar filter again and grab a few images. Below is an image of the sun taken with a white light solar filter, canon 350D, and an Omni XLT 150. The sun isn’t highly active at the moment, and there is a small chance of any solar flares, or aurora. Sunspot 1492 did blast off a CME towards Mars on May 27th, but no signs of anything coming our way.
From Left to Right; Sunspots 1492, 1490, 1488, 1486. 5-28-12. Click to enlarge.
Notice in certain areas how you can see lighter sections of the sun around the sunspots. They were very hard to see through the eyepiece, but definitely became more visible after taking images and uploading them onto the computer.
This is 60 images stacked and edited in Registax. I adjusted the sun to be angled roughly the way it would be from the ground in Gimp.
Unfortunately clouds came rolling in shortly after I took these images. I was watching the clouds slowly cover the sun through the telescope. It was quite an interesting sight to see. Hoping for clear skies in the not too distant future. Especially for the Venus Transit on June 5th. I’ll post more about that a few days before as a reminder.

Sun Filter and Sunspots

Last week I received my solar film, which is just the filter with no filter cell to hold it to the telescope. This is where a little bit of creativity comes in with making something that will hold the filter to the scope. The film comes with instructions, but I was lacking the correct cardboard material to make it the way they describe. Since I’m on a tight budget I made use of the cardboard boxes that the telescope came in, and made a nice solar filter cell. Hows that for recycling?!
I’ve been out with the telescope a few times to give this filter a shot. It goes on tight and stays on pretty good. Am looking for a way for extra security in holding it on. Although it fits tight, I want it to fit even better.
From left to right: 1486, 1484, 1482
Here is my first stack of the sun, using 7 images stacked in Registax and edited in Gimp. I am still working on perfecting my focus while trying to image the sun. I got a lot of images, but only a very small handful (read: very small handful) that are in a decent enough focus.