Telescopic Goodies in the Milky Way

This is what happens when you piggy back your point and shoot camera on your telescope, and stack 28 images towards the Sagittarius region in the milky way. No dark frames, just the light images. Will have to do this again with dark frames, and maybe not at 1600 ISO, that little camera doesn’t like it that high, maybe 800 next time.

Just look how amazingly “dusty” the milky way looks. Filled with all types of telescopic goodies. I love the sky this time of year, I wish this was visible longer than just a couple months from my location… going to enjoy it while it’s around, so long as the sky clears up again.

At the same time these images were taken I was taking images of a nice deep sky object that I am doing some final touches to, and will have them up tomorrow evening. If I had a 3rd camera I would have taken a picture of my telescope with the two cameras latched onto it like two Ramoras.