55% Moon in Daylight July 05, 2014

During the daylight hours I was attempting to get images of the moon since I had the scope still setup and aligned from the night before. My backyard is absolutely filled with trees and my view to the south is about 1%, and that’s between leaves. I was able to get a quick snap of the moon as I watched with my eye up against the cameras eyepiece, snapping pictures as the wind would move the branches of the trees. I took at least 30 shots in the course of an hour, but only one was clear enough to use.

55% Moon from July 05, 2014

Some of the craters along the terminator are Plato, Montes Caucasus, Aristillus, Montes Alpes, Ptolemaeus, Arzachel, Purbach, Tycho, Maginus, and Clavius.