This weekend worked out great for my Linux and guiding test

Successfully got Lin_Guider to work under Ubuntu 15.04 which I could never get to work under Mint with my Orion StarShoot Autoguider. Not only is guiding working, but so is image downloading from my camera to my computer. Image below is Lin_Guider guiding on a star near M27.

I also just ordered the Celestron RS232 cable and RS232-USB so I can us Cartes du Ciel for Goto controls of my CG5 mount.

Just about all the pieces of the puzzle are finally together. Only thing left on the big astronomy list is an observatory, but that is still a ways away from happening.

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7 thoughts on “This weekend worked out great for my Linux and guiding test

  1. I think you mentioned local bylaws put in a platform with tarp walls you can take down easily after each session.I doubt it would be considered a structure but check first.A couple black tarps and some rebar poles and your golden for the wall.

  2. Pretty cheap to build I just need to figure out what dimensions to use for width and height. I'll probably also build in a way to stake it down for the windy days we get now and then. One of those, plus an all weather cover for the scope and it should be good, I just need a way to keep the mount/tripod from rusting in that setup.

  3. Bookmarking that page white is not a great choice of color i would use black and paint the inside and poles ultra flat black.A good idea would be to leave the base assembled and fill the poles with sand the added weight will resist stronger winds.

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