Last week I broke down and bought PixInsight

Since my 45 day free trial ran out before I ever got around to really using it I decided to buy it for good reasons. One, it is a beast for astrophotography! Two, it runs natively in Linux which is a major plus for me since I mainly run Linux. I maintain Windows on my laptop for now only because I'm working out some kinks on getting autoguiding to work on Linux on my laptop.

This is my first attempt at PixInsight, and I can say I'm quite please, and proud of the final results. The comparison of these two images is quite a difference. I still have a ways to go to get better in PixInsight, but for a first attempt I couldn't be happier with the results.

These two images were created from the same exact data. I had a bit of an issue getting rid of the red blemish in the upper left corner of the PixInsight image. I think a bit of light bled through when I was shooting my dark frames which may have caused this since I forgot to cover the camera with a shirt like I usually do, which allowed light from my back porch to bleed through on the dark frames.

I'd also like to thank +Stuart Forman for helping me get started in PixInsight.

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14 thoughts on “Last week I broke down and bought PixInsight

  1. +Steve Geer​ I have never used nebulosity so I don't feel I can properly make an opinion of which is better. I will say that I was scared to drop that much money on an astrophotography software, but it is money very well spent. A bit of getting used to, but it is very powerful. I haven't had a need for Photoshop since I got it.

  2. I was asking because I'm trying to decide between the two.  I don't have much exp with either.  Mind me asking what type of scope and camera?  I use a 130mm reflector with a CCD.  Kind of new to Astro Photo.  Your photo is awesome though!

  3. I am using a 150mm reflector and a modified Canon 350D. There is a trial period for PixInsight which I highly recommend before purchasing, not sure if Nebulosity offers a free trial or not. Being new to astrophotography it might almost be better to start off with PixInsight that way you don't have to break the Photoshop habits which was hard to get used to at first.

  4. +Steve Geer PixInsight is purely for post-processing. Nebulosity has a few post tools, but it's really apples and oranges. Nebulosity isn't really a full-featured post-processing AP application. Hope that answers your question!

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