Bright Aurora in the Adirondacks

Last night (May 31st into the morning of June 1st) there was a bright geomagnetic storm causing quite an aurora. Usually the aurora is hard to spot visually but the camera will pick it up quite nicely. Last night while snapping some pictures the spikes of the aurora and waves of aurora heading north to south were quite visible.

June 1, 2013 Aurora from Michael Rector on Vimeo.
Video best viewed full screen in HD

I drove 15 minutes south from Plattsburgh to the beach in Port Kent to get away from the nearby city lights and setup for some images. I had enough battery to get about 180 frames at 15 seconds a piece with virtually no space in between them. Was out from about 1-2:30am imaging and just enjoying the beautiful view. Aurora, stars, Milky Way, satellites, a few meteors, and a beautiful moon rise really complimented the night.

Star trails, Aurora, Meteors, and Satellites from Port Kent, NY early morning June 1, 2013

This is the first time I have ever visually seen the aurora which made the night even more worth it. I was heading to bed when I got a message from a fellow local photographer, which you can find at LittlestBee, who told me the aurora was ramping up. I looked at Kp levels and saw that for at least an hour it was going to be in the 6-7Kp range, which is perfect for the Adirondack region.

Me and the Aurora 06-01-13

Me and the Aurora with a Satellite 06-01-13

Aurora with green and pinks 06-01-13

I’m hoping this summer brings us some more great aurora maybe with a little less cloud, and a bit more of a warning before hand so I have time to prepare.

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