92% Waning Gibbous Moon Terminator

I got out with my little Logitech C250 webcam and my 3x barlow to capture 19 videos of the moon along it’s terminator. I brought the videos into Registax to stack, and then into Microsoft ICE to stitch them together in the panorama below. I was unable to get all of the terminator, but this is pretty close to all of it.

Warning: Image below is very large, may be easier seen if you right click and open in new tab, or window as the window it pops open in is hard to navigate to see the full image.

Terminator of 92% Waning Gibbous Moon

Terminator of 92% Waning Gibbous Moon

4 thoughts on “92% Waning Gibbous Moon Terminator

    • Thanks a lot. Was a bit of a pain, but well worth all the effort I put into it. Can’t wait to give it another shot on the next clear night with a moon up high enough.

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