35% Waxing Crescent Moon

On St. Patricks Day I went out with the scope during daylight hours, about an hour before sunset, and got some images of the moon to stack. I love the way the moon looks with a blue background, which seems to make the moon pop out a bit more. It’s definitely less blinding to look at during the day than it is at night.

35% Waxing Gibbous 03-17-13

This stack is 120 images stacked in AutoStakkert2!, with sharpening done in Registax using Wavelets, then finally brought into Photoshop for some final touches.

The three craters in this video are Thophilus, Cyrillus, and Catharina. Using my Logitech C250 Webcam and my 3x barlow lens, which I’m guessing get’s me roughly in the 350-375x magnification range, pushing the limits of my scope. One thing I noticed while doing this in the daylight is that I really need to clean the mirrors in my telescope. Look at all that dirt, and dog hair!


Omni XLT 150 with CG-4 mount
Canon 350D
T-ring and adapter
Polar Scope for alignment

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