M31 – Andromeda Part 2

The other night (night of Sept. 13 into the morning of the 14th) I managed to get out and do another set of images of M31, The Andromeda Galaxy. Part 1 can be found here. This stack is separate from Part 1, and I supposed we could chalk this one up as another test run.

M31 – Andromeda

I had attempted making a DIY reticle eyepiece which worked alright especially since it allowed me to finally go above 1 minute exposures. I was able to capture these images at 2 minute exposures at ISO 800. I took in total 25 images, but ended up only getting 10 images that were good enough to stack, so altogether I got a total of 20 minutes of data collected, instead of the 50, or even 40 minutes I was hoping for.

One of my biggest issues with this session is the light pollution, so now I’m desperately looking into how I can make flat frames. The artificial flat frame tutorial I did for M52 seems a bit impossible with the size of this galaxy as it takes up the whole frame, and when I try to create the artificial flat it ends up subtracting the majority of the galaxy from the image.

Once I can figure out how to remove the majority, even if it’s only 50%, of the light pollution I may possibly be able to start my many hours of data collection on Andromeda in hopes of creating a super image by the end of fall. That’s the goal anyway. Hoping that with flat frames I can remove the vignetting, reduce light pollution, and be able to pull out some of the colors within Andromeda along with better detail in the dust lanes.

Omni XLT 150
Canon 350D
T-ring adapter

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