X-Class Flare Brings Aurora to Adirondacks

According to Spaceweather.com the sunspot 1520 (which I have been tracking and imaging all week, images to come soon) has unleashed an X-Class flare at X1.4, and should be hitting Earth starting early Saturday morning 5am EDT +/-7 hours. The predicted Kp levels will reach 6-8Kp, and us here in the Adirondacks should be lucky enough to see these, and we are predicted to have clear skies all weekend. You can keep track of the aurora and it’s strength by visiting SoftServeNews.com which will give you up to date aurora Kp levels, also by following softservenews twitter account @Aurora_Alerts.

See if you are in the zone to see the Aurora.

Aurora although hitting in the morning could last all weekend long giving us plenty of time Saturday night to see it.

Remember, if you can’t see it with your eyes try with your camera and a long exposure. Best viewing time will be anytime after astronomical twilight which is around 11:30pm this time of year.
If you live within a city, travel outside where the light pollution doesn’t affect your northern view of the skies to better your chances to see them.

Good luck, and hope you get to see some aurora!

If you get any images please feel free to post them here or to e-mail them to me at adirondackastronomer (at) gmail (dot) com including any info you would like me to post to give you full credit for the image including location.

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