36% Crescent Moon July 24, 2012

Tonight’s waxing crescent moon is up to 36% compared to two days ago at only 15%. I had just enough break in the clouds, and time before it went below the trees on the horizon to get out and get some shots of it again tonight. This is a total of 45 images stacked in Registax, and post processed in Photoshop.¬†Omni XLT 150 and Canon 350D prime focus.

36% Waxing Gibbous Moon. 07-24-12

My favorite features when looking at the moon are the craters along the terminator. For those that don’t know, the terminator is the shadow along the moon. I especially like the craters along the terminator that the ridge is illuminated while the rest of the crater is immersed in shadow.

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