The Celestron Omni XLT 150

On Monday I received my brand new telescope, a Celestron Omni XLT 150. It has a 6 inch mirror (150mm) and is such a beautiful looking scope. Aesthetically pleasing, and also provides some great views of the skies.
When I got the telescope it arrived in two boxes, one containing the tripod, mount, weights, and slow motion control knobs. This box was a bit on the heavy side, which is a good thing. A strong sturdy mount with little to no wobble when in use. I knew this box was going to be heavy, but it still surprised me a bit when I went to pick it up; luckily I didn’t have far to carry it into my house to be assembled. When I opened the boxes inside the main box I was happy to see how well packed it was, I was also happy with UPS for not delivering me boxes with damaged corners or holes poked through it.
In the second box which was quite a bit lighter in comparison was the optical tube assembly, finder scope, 2” eyepiece adapter, 1.25” eyepiece adapter with threads to attach a t-ring (for attaching a DSLR camera for prime focus astrophotography), and the 25mm eyepiece. Again, I was quite happy with the packaging and the fact that the boxes were in good condition when delivered.
I removed all the parts from the first box and laid them out on the floor and checked them over for any damage. I had one damaged piece, but it’s damage was my own fault. When removing the box containing the weights it slipped out of my hand and fell to the floor. It broke a piece off of the tightening screw, but it’s not worth losing any sleep over. It still functions properly and if I really need to I can order or find a replacement screw.
Opened the second box and laid the pieces out to inspect them and make sure everything is ok. I didn’t want to put it all together to find out there is damage to anything. Everything was in great shape, so it was time to attach it all to the mount and tripod.
After setting it all up I collimated the scope to align the mirrors to get the best views I can. Went outside and took a look up – CLEAR! Went to go pick up the telescope and realized that this thing weighs 45.5lb and the Astromaster 114EQ weighed 17lb, but I got it outside just fine.
Polar aligned the telescope real quick just enough where I could track an object. First object I went for was the moon, and I have to say I was amazed by the difference. This telescope is going to be a blast to view with.
I quickly aimed at the constellation Auriga and almost immediately found M37, which was a distinctive cluster of stars which looked like small pin holes.

Took a quick moon shot, but couldn’t get many as the clouds rolled in. Better ones to come in the near future.

7 thoughts on “The Celestron Omni XLT 150

  1. I was wondering if you have gotten the chance to attach a dslr or know of any information on trying to do some astrophotography with this telescope? Also have you gotten the tracker? Will that have enough power to move the telescope with the added weight of the camera? Thank you

  2. i have this omni 150. with motor drive kit, and have been doing extensive, imaging, . i fond, that for the cost, its a very decent entry level rig.. .. all stock out of box, and up and imaging galaxys and nebulas, and clusters.. pretty amazing for the price.. . good luck!. the whole messier catolog, and more!!,. is pssoible to image with this basic rig… were i am, its all that is avalable.. so.. if i could up grade i would,. but this is a great , scope,. i have learned the sky, well, thanks to not having robotic mount…best wishess, to all…

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